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The Story

Founded in 1978, AGRIMOLA S.p.A. quickly became a leading company in high quality frozen fruit production, as well as in the processing, transformation and marketing of chestnuts and marrons. Total export shares exceed 40%.

from 1978

The facility is located in Santerno Valley, among the hills of Imola, which provide an ideal microclimate for apricot, peach and chestnut productions.
Property area extends over 40.000 sqm, 20.000 of which are taken by the production facility. Over 15.000 cbm worth of cold rooms are available, with both static and floating freezing tunnels; silos for puree storage in nitrogen and sterilization systems for fruit purees.

Cutting-edge equipment is used to ensure excellent quality throughout the over 10.000 tons of yearly processed fruit: high resolution optical sorters to separate foreign organic/inorganic material from fruit, and to double check before and after packaging
The in-house lab has trained personnel and high-end equipment to ensure a careful internal quality control, which follows the product in all stages of the processing cycle.
Monitoring on organic production is certified directly by BIOAGRICERT.
Agrimola S.p.A. also owns a factory for the first processing of chestnuts, located in Vallerano (VT), an area historically suited to the collection of chestnuts and marrons. In Casalfiumanese’s facility a total of over 5.000 tons of fresh chestnuts and marrons are processed every year, mainly intended for direct consumption.

Agrimola’s quality system, regarding the hygiene, quality and healthiness of the products supplied, is certified with the following: I.F.S., GLOBALGAP OPTION 2 + ADD ON Grasp (fresh chestnuts and marrons), KOSHER Rabbi of Padua, Marrone PGI Castel del Rio (released by Check Fruit), Marrone del Mugello PGI.
Among the fundamental principles of our Company, is to ensure our customers of the origin and healthiness of the products supplied. To ensure the origin of our products, all “internal traceability” has been computerized by generating and printing of bar-code labels that contain our supplier’s name, product batch, weight and product description. Labels are then applied to the individual packages and pallets.

“The goal we set ourselves is to have people enjoy more and more the healthy fruits that grow on our land, combined with the highest production standards.”

Agrimola & the Environment

Agrimola has always had great care for the environment, that is why in 2010 a photovoltaic plant was installed in its main facility in Casalfiumanese to generate electricity.
A fully integrated system has been placed on the roof of the building, that by producing 500.000Kw of clean energy every year, makes for a zero-environmental-impact system that saves over 200.000 kgs of CO2.
Furthermore, by having a self-sufficient water purification system, Agrimola reduced its internal production costs but also greatly improved its production processes’ efficiency. Latest technologies allow us to ultrafilter and remove bacteria from water, by having it go through a series of steps including UV rays and chemical/physical microfilters, ensuring maximum purity and preserving the life and hygiene of products, intended either for consumption or for further processing.
Water purification processes are essential for those who, like us, treat organic products.

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