The managers of the main European fruit and vegetable OP met the leaders of the Romagna cooperative. Objective: to develop new research, communication and enhancement projects for the members’ product. Starting with a true excellence: chestnuts and marrons. Meet and discuss, plan and work together for the future with the clear objective of enhancing the products of the members but also of being ready to face the challenges of the market by focusing on innovation, communication opportunities and creating virtuous synergies with other realities similar: these were the crucial themes of the meeting last 01.06.2022 between the top management of Agrisanterno and those of Apo Conerpo, the main European Fruit and Vegetable Producers Organization. “A fruitful moment of meeting – commented Davide Vernocchi, president of Apo Conerpo – which focused on the development projects that we will implement together with Agrisanterno in the coming years. I am thinking, in particular, of the information and promotion initiatives for fruit and vegetables, including the new Fruit24 project which will have the central purpose of encouraging the consumption of products by members of all the realities associated with Apo Conerpo “. Members who for Agrisanterno, an agricultural cooperative established 25 years ago, reach 48 individuals and collective structures, for a total of 150 agricultural producers: “The objective of the cooperative is to enhance the territory – comments Dr. Luca Sassi, CEO of Agrimola, of which Agrisanterno is an integral part -: the supply chain is, in fact, made up only of Italian partners with a strong link with the territory of origin. Since 2004 Agrisanterno has been associated with Apo Conerpo: a choice resulting from the intuition of Graziano Ciaranfi who still represents the cooperative in the meetings of the OP and Confcooperative, of which it belongs, and for many years a member of Apo Conerpo Board of Directors “. At the center of the projects, of course, the main products of the cooperative members: “Throughout the year – continues Sassi – we work both summer products such as peaches, percoche, nectarines, apricots and cherries, and winter products, especially chestnuts and marrons. Agrimola manages, in fact, a total of over 12,000 tons per year, including fresh and dried fruit, of which about 6,000 tons refer only to fresh chestnuts and chestnuts, developing an overall annual turnover, in continuous positive trend, which today exceeds € 50,000,000 per year. Agrisanterno, in particular, generates a turnover of around 8 million euros which mainly derives from the sale of product conferred by the shareholders, marketed fresh or transformed into a frozen or aseptic product “. “Agrisanterno is a dynamic reality – comments Vernocchi – which constantly looks to the future: for this reason the hypothesis of creating various synergies with the network of Apo Conerpo Group stores and with other associated realities for the enhancement of local products, with a strong territorial vocation and of the highest quality, ready to satisfy even the requests of a consumer who seeks the quality and wholesomeness of organic products. At the same time we are examining together the research and experimentation opportunities that will allow further development of the chestnuts and marrons sector, a true excellence that deserves ever more prestigious stages “.

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