Agrimola SPA, when a company doesn’t forget its well-established roots in the hills of Castel del Rio, known for its famous Marron.
For over 40 years now, Agrimola, now run by the Sassi family, has been peeling and frozing marrons under the quality requirements of Agrimontana (Cuneo) specialized in the candying of marrons and fruit for the Elite pastry.
A few days ago, the head directors of Agrimontana also visited Luca Sassi’s chestnut groves in Castel del Rio.
Behind these IGP certified groves is a lot of work: pruning, grafting, mowing, curing and cleaning; they truly are one heritage to be preserved to protect the landscape.
Through the years, Agrimola specialized in supplying fresh chestnuts and marrons for the large distribution in Italy and Europe, while expanding its production towards summer fruits as well.
Agrimola’s export rates reach very high goals, coming close to 50% of its revenue.

Luca Sassi (CEO of Agrimola) – Chiara Bardini (Vicar General Manager of Agrimontana) – Luigi Bardini (General Manager of Agrimontana)


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